Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fantasy World, Lemery, Batangas

Fantasy World
Fantasy World. There may be no Disneyland in the Philippines but there is fantasy castle theme park that seems to be similar to Disneyland at first glance. Not a lot of people know that there such theme park except those who are regularly traveling or have travelled to Lemery, Batangas via Tagaytay and Diokno Highway.

Fantasy World - Tree House Walls

Fantasy World - Castle Walls

Fantasy World is actually a family entertainment facility and recreation club park for the hotel and residential houses in the area. It is located on rolling mountain ridge on the Batangas side of Taal Lake and Volcano with a magnificent panoramic view of the Lake and Volcano. Fantasy World is open to the public, according to the guards that manage the gates, they are open every day. To enter they charge P1,000.00 minimum of 10 persons.

Fantasy World - Access Road

Fantasy World - Gate Entrance

But be informed that there are no rides although there is an adjacent facility but it seems it is already closed. There is also a cable car access from the pedestrian entrance at Diokno Highway but it is not in operation. The towers are also closed to the public. There are no stores, restaurant or commercial activity and it looks empty except for the occasional visitors who may have learned about the park by word of mouth or may have discovered the place by change in the net. People just visited the place provably just for curiosity and to take photographs. Fantasy World was used as shooting locations of some of the Pinoy fantasy movies and fantasy television series, like Majika.

Fantasy World - Tree House

Fantasy World - Fountain

Fantasy World - Castle

Fantasy World - Square

Fantasy World - Walls

Fantasy World - Garden Maze

Fantasy World - Taal Lake and Volcano View

Fantasy World as Seen on Wikimapia


  1. sayang they should fully utilize the tourists potential of the place by putting up rides and some added attractions or convert the castle into a hotel.

  2. sana pagtuunan ito ng pansin ng local gov't ng Batangas... it will be a good tourist spot kesa masayang lang.

  3. Sayang talaga bakit hinde improved ni Gov. Vilma Santos o mga nakaupu sa puesto, ano ang nangyari bakit hinde natuloy ang mga rides at water park area o Golf courses sigurado pupuntahan ng mga turista.

  4. sayang been there nuong bago pa lang sya kaso niluma lang sya ng panahon,,wala nman ata talgang plans na iimproved ito uro munisipyo ang iniimpproved pero yung mag bebeniffit ung nkararami wala ganga!!